Founded in 2005, a long journey indeed, CRZ YOGA is a heath-inspired, affordable high quality athletic apparel company for women and men. With satisfying customer service and innovative design, we become a globally popular sportswear brand from the scratch.


Our vision for our online store was to create more than a convenient place where people could get high quality yet within budget gear, we are also relentless about helping people to gain both physical and mental health and live a life full of possibility.


CRZ YOGA consider it significant to establish authentic relationships in our guests, therefore we strive to create a community hub that connect people to their passions, a sharing place for sweat gear and helpful tips that enable them to live a happier and healthier life.




From designing to manufacturing, we take serious to each step of making a high-quality product. We develop our own high-tech fabric for different active wear featured of comfort and function. Luxury meets performance in every collection.


All effort is aimed to bring you a better feeling about how you look and how you perform.

From bottoms to tops, we have more than just leggings, yoga sports bras, running shorts and workout tanks for various sweaty activities like yoga, running, cycling, training, gym workout and so on.


Basically, from workout to chill-out, all you can find in our amazon store and many other platforms.